10 Netflix Tips & Tricks to Make Maximum of Streaming Services

It’s time to leave the scheduled TV podcasts. Well who wants them when Netflix is here with you. Netflix  solve most of your TV problems. It provides you with streaming of latest movies and your TV serials. For accessing them, you need to give monthly subscription fee. For making your streaming experience more friendly, we have come up with Netflix tips and tricks. In addition, Netflix also has entered into production line that is they are making their own programmes and TV serials.

Now you need not to waste your time hunting movies which do not buffer. This article will solve your all problems related to streaming on Netflix entertainment app. The article is providing you with a guide which provides you with Netflix tips & tricks.

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Netflix Tips & Tricks for flawless streaming services

1. Stop buffering through secret Menu

Is house of cards is buffering in front of your eyes? Frustrated with disruption while watching your favorite movie or serial, then here is the ultimate solution. Just set the secret menu settings. Now how you set secret menu setting?

If your computer has Windows operating system, click on any video while pressing ‘Shift+Alt’ at the same time. If you have iOS, Mac OS X then click video and then press ‘Shift+Option+click on Mac’. Also go to ‘stream Manager’ and set the bandwidth usage.

In case the audio and video is running separately in a video, then you can also adjust it. In stream manager, you also get the option of it.

2. Hand you movie selection to Netflix God

Flix Roulette is the Netflix god which automatically provides you with the viewing option. All you need to do is feed the name of actor, director, actress or any keyword and the Netflix God brings you with all the viewing option related to it. Now you need not to shift from one movie to another in order to find the movie you want to want with Flix Roulette.

3. Do not forget to check your resolution

Well, according to each and every plan provided to you on Netflex, you are getting HD resolution videos, no matter what you are watching. But the question is are you really getting HD? In order to check, go to your account page.

Now select playback settings, here you will find the option of Data usage. Under data usage, there is a option ‘High’ click on it and enjoy watching movies and serials on HD resolution. Mind you, High definition also uses huge amount of your data which could exhaust your allowance.

4. Select the appropriate time for Viewing Videos

Another Netflix tips is that you need to choose your viewing time smartly. According to researchers, time of watching videos also affect their quality.If you are surfing videos while everyone else is browsing, then it can result in clogging the system.

If you are thinking of watching HD video at 9 in the evening, then it is impossible to get the HD quality videos.It always good to watch movies or serials at 4 am to 7 am in the morning.

5. Pause Netflix automatically if you are sleeping

Sounds magical? Well there is nothing like magic. There are integrated accelerometer which works out your moment. If you do not move for a certain time, these integrated accelerometer signal a warning light. If you don’t move for a longer time, whatever you are watching pauses and thus resulting in avoiding the unwanted spoilers and rewinding.

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6. Avoid irritating content and spoilers

Well, there is a chrome plugin by the name of Flixplus. This chrome plugin blocks all the annoying Netflix features. In addition, it also hide all the spoiler images and text snippets, remove duplicate recommendations, disable that irritating Facebook integration prompt and even show IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

7. Make your streaming better with VPN

This Netflix tip and trick originate in order to avoid the choking off of the data packs due to the broadband providers. This also results in hampering your streaming over Netflix. And it becomes more frustrating if you are using Netflix PC. To get rid of this problem, all you need to set up a VPN that is Virtual Private Network.

In simple words, connect yourself via a remote network, and this allows you to navigate any gateway your ISP  may have imposed. This results in providing you with speed faster as compared to normal one.

8. Save your Data usage

Well all the plans that comes with Netflix app offers you with High Definition video experience. However, it is also a hard true fact that watching movies or TV serials in HD resolution sucks your data like anything. So for saving your data, you can set the resolution to auto. This will provide with clear videos as well as saves the data usage.

9. Make your browsing easy in Computer or Laptop

You can make browsing of Netflix on Computer or Laptop quite easy by using the keystroke shortcuts. To make navigating easier, use enter keys to play and space bar for pause the video. Or you can set PgDn for pause and PgDn for play.

By taping on F, view videos on full screen mode. Press Esc button to come out of the full screen. Want to rewind the video, hold Shift and Left Arrow simultaneously. Tap on Shift and Right Arrow for fast forward. And for the purpose of muting the video, press M.

10. Watch Netflix with your friends

Well, now we have come at the end of the article Netflix tips & tricks to make maximum of streaming services. With this trick you can share what you are watching on Netflix with your friends as well. For this only one person needs to have Netflix account.

You can share and watch movies or serials through YouTubue, Hulu Rabbit and many such video sites as well as enter into discussion about what you are watching.

Well, that’s it with the Netflix Tips & tricks to make maximum of Streaming Services. Use these tips and tricks and make maximum out of your streaming services.


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