Apple Removing Iranian-Developed Apps From App Store Over Trade Policies

Apple removing Iranian-developed apps from App Store. According to a report published in TechRasa which is an Iranian publication claims that numerous of Iranian apps have been deleted from apple app store database. Even of the biggest Iranian e-commerce service named Digikala is also one of them.

TechRase furthermore mentions that the Iran mobile market is growing at a comparatively faster rate. While over millions of iPhones have been smuggled over years in each Iranian countries. Due to which Apple’s smartphone million dollar market is getting illegally hampered. So why is Apple Removing Iranian-Developed Apps From App Store?

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Since this problem lies with international trade laws. So TechRasa claims also claims that then why Iranian countries are prohibited from submitting their apps in apple store. Due to which several new startups are forced their apps from other countries rather than from submitting from Iran. Well the local developers have reported that while submitting their apps in App Store they receive certain message on their screen which is:

Apple removing Iranian-developed apps from App Store

“Unfortunately, there is no App Store available for the territory of Iran. Additionally, apps facilitating transactions for businesses or entities based in Iran may not comply with the Iranian Transactions Sanctions Regulations (31CFR Part 560) when hosted on the App Store. For these reasons, we are unable to accept your application at this time. We encourage you to resubmit your application once international trade laws are revised to allow this functionality.”

While Digikala is one giant e-commerce case where all these regulations do not amply. Since the company already uses the Shaparak Payment system. This payment system is completely isolated from international payment system. Furthermore TechRase further mentions that the banks of Iranian countries have also reported they have to use use alternative methods while submitting them to Apple.

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