Asphalt Street Storm Racing for PC Computer or Mac Download

Asphalt Street Storm Racing for PC Windows or Mac free Download

Well, friends you definitely have played one of the Asphalt series game. The developers Gameloft have released a new game in the same series named as Asphalt Street Storm Racing for PC. It’s a racing game that takes you inside the world of cars and car racers. Tie your seat belt get ready to experience the thrill of world class drag racing across various famous cities of the world.

The gameplay of Asphalt Street Storm Racing is very simple. Just choose a car for yourself and start challenging racers to become the ultimate car racers. The players have to prove their racing skills in the snow, scorching heat, rain and storms. Here the pink slips will be on stake. Whoever loose the race will have to handle over his or her car to the rival racer. A complete 3D game consisting of 3D cars, 3D streets, 3D traffic and more.

Do you want to play Asphalt Street Storm Racing with your friends? Well, the good news is Asphalt Street Storm Racing comes with multiplayer feature. Upto 4 players can play together at the same time. When the game starts, players are given with a single car. As they progress and level up in the game, they get the opportunity of upgrading and customizing their cars. In addition to this, if players win the race, they get the chance of getting their opponent racers car.

The most interesting twist in the game is betting the pink slips. Mind it, conduct a proper research and study about the opponent racer and only then bet your pink slips. The betting feature is available both in single player as well as multi player mode. Win races and make your car stylish and fast.

asphalt street storm racing for pc

Download Asphalt Street Storm racing on PC

Asphalt Street Storm Racing android game is available for Android and iOS users only. There is no PC version of Asphalt Street Storm Racing. However, with the help of tutorial available given below, now you can play Asphalt Street Storm Racing for PC on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 free.

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Features of Asphalt Street Storm Racing for PC

  • Collect, customize and race power autos you’ve owned or the best speed machines you need to drive, ranging from classic muscle cars to new turbo Supercars
  • Whether you bet small on each street run or need to study your opponents before betting pink slips, this is the most fun and intense quarter-mile of drag racing you’ve ever seen.
  • Quick shift from single player to multiplayer races fast for the live thrills and fun of challenging the world’s top driving opponents!
  • You never know when a drag race will throw a new twist, like a blizzard, rain storm or burning heat on the street.
  • Try not to be distracted by the top-quality 3D HD environments when you need to pop a nitro canister in 3 of the world’s top cities for speed: New York, Paris and Hong Kong.

Source: Google Play Store

The minimum requirement for Asphalt Street Storm Racing PC app are as follows –

  • Windows 10/8/7/8.1
  • Ram – 2GB
  • CPU- Single core 1Ghz

This android app for PC is working properly in all the Windows and Apple installed devices and other gadgets. But as Asphalt Street Storm Racing for PC is officially not yet developed for windows. So I have come with the tutorial explaining how you can download Asphalt Street Storm Racing app on PC

How To Download and Install Asphalt Street Storm Racing for PC:

Step 1 : First of all download Android Emulator.

Download Bluestacks 2 App Player

Pre – Rooted Bluestacks 2 App player

Download Asphalt Street Storm Racing APK

Step 2: Now install the setup just like you install other software in your PC. Now open Bluestacks 2 home screen.

Step 3: Now look for Bluestacks 2 search box. Type Asphalt Street Storm Racing on it and press enter. You will be redirected to Google Play Store. Here you will be asked to feed your Google Account Username and Password. Feed it and hit enter.

Step 4: Here in the search box of Google Play store, again type Asphalt Street Storm Racing and hit enter. When you see Asphalt Street Storm Racing, tap on enter. The app will be installed.

Step 5: Now go to Bluestacks 2 Menu >> All Apps >>Subway Princess Runner . Double tap on the icon to launch the app on PC.

Alternatively, there is another method to play Asphalt Street Storm Racing on PC, follow the guide to check this method. For that you require the apk of the android app that you want to run on PC.

Step 1: Download Bluestacks 2 App Player. Now install Bluestacks 2 emulator just like you install other software in your Windows PC.

Step 2: Now download Asphalt Street Storm Racing APK. Download either over the internet or from the download link given above.

Step 3: Open Asphalt Street Storm Racing apk with Bluestacks 2 emulator. Few seconds later the installation of Subway Princess Runner will start.

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Step 4: Once the installation completes, go to Bluestacks 2 App player Menu >> All Apps >> Asphalt Street Storm Racing. Double tap on the Asphalt Street Storm Racing app icon to launch Asphalt Street Storm Racing for PC.

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