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Google Allo hit the market on 21 September and within few a week, there is reporting of 5 million downloads. Well, allo is a free messaging app which does more than messaging. Google announced this app on its annual I/O event that was held in the month of May in 2016. However, officially the app is released on 21 of September 2016. With this tutorial our team has come up with Google Allo review.

Well, there are lots of communication or messaging apps that are available in the market. Whatsapp, Facebook Lite Messenger, Hike, Hangout are the most popular apps in these categories. Along the same line Google has come up with Google Allo, a more personalized messaging app which consists of Artificial Intelligence.

Allo consist of various similar features as those of other messaging apps such as end-to-end encryption, emoji packs, stickers packs and voice messages as well. Now the question arise, what makes Google’s Allo app different from all other messaging app. Well for knowing it, check out further in the article.

google allo review

Google Allo Review – Features which makes it standalone from other messaging apps

Very simple Signing up process

Creation of your account in Allo is very simple. Just like Whatsapp, fill up your mobile number. A verification code is sent your number. That’s it you are signed it. You can also sync your Google account with that of app. This will keep the track of your mails and your important stuff with a help of Google Assistant – a personal assistant provided to you. This feature makes this app unique.

Design and Interface of App

Well, we we talk about Google, we all know that whatever Google has created, it has kept the interface very user friendly. So is the case with this app. You need to give your mind a lot of stress to learn how to interact with the interface. Everything is very easy whether adjusting setting or customizing the app.

There is ‘Smart’ reply, completely different from quick reply. As you use the app, the Google Assistant observes what you are replying. Over the time, when you received any message, it replies to the sender automatically on the observation it has made over the time about your replies.

Complete Control over your Privacy

In allo app, you can control your privacy. The app comes with an incognito mode. While chatting in incognito mode, no other person can logged in your account. However, one is on the end of loose of using some features. For solving this problem.

In incognito mode, the app provides you with end-to-end encryption, expiring chats and private notification like features. Using these features, you can decide when to delete your messages permanently from the device.

download google allo for pc

Available both for android and iOS device users

The most important news about allo app is that, the app is available for android as well as iOS device users. However, there is a bad news as well PC version of Google allo is not yet announced so far. However, there are tutorials that provides users as well with allo app for pc.

Smart reply feature makes allo ‘smarter’ messenger’

Well, with smart replies feature, Google assistant on the basis of it’s observation over a period of time provides responses to your messages as well as photos sent to you.

Initially, the feature does not work, however after completion of 1 week, you found it working effectively. This feature makes allo completely different from other messaging apps.

Whisper Shout for adjusting the size of text

Do you feel irritating when you have to on or off your CAPSLOCK either to adjust size of your text or to give stress on what you are saying. Then to get rid of it. Google is providing you with Whisper Shout feature. Just Shout ‘large’ and you text will become large. Just whisper ‘small’ and the text automatically adjusted to small. Isn’t it interesting and unique. Well this is ‘Google Allo’ of Google Inc. Expect more !

Google Assistant

In Google Allo review, I am talking about Google Allo assistant at the end. Because I have kept the best thing for the last. With Google Assistant, do smart replies, see what hotels, restaurants, places are nearby.

Also book your dinner table while talking with your date with Google Assistant only. Look for the Chinese restaurant, concert tickets and what not with Google Assistant. This is a personal assistant of you provided to you by Google.

So, that’s it with the Google Allo review. I hope this review has helped you in knowing you everything about Allo app.

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