Netflix App – Everything You Wanted To Know

Netflix app is world’s No#1 streaming service for streaming the various TV serials and movies. Well, the application is available both for PC as well as mobile users. You can watch any TV serial or movie anywhere and anytime. The most important thing is, everything is legal about this application.

This amazing entertainment application is gift of Netflix Inc to the entire world. Watch your favorite movies or TV episodes as if you are watching in TV. Not satisfied watching serials or movies in mobile or your PC? Just use Chromecast and run watch each and every movie on your TV set.

The catalogue of movies and TV serials change frequently in Netflix Entertainment app. Therefore, you always have something new to watch. In addition, Netflix app is quite up-to-date, hence provides you with the latest episodes of your favorite TV serials. Here in Netflix you get everything, old movies to latest movies or your favorite TV serials.

Everything is legal about Netflix app. All you need to subscribe the monthly subscription and watch unlimited movies and serials. Also app completely eradicate the privacy. For cable companies hate Netflix as it gives them tough competition . When Netflix was not there, these companies used to charge hefty amount of sum even for those channels that you never watch.

However, the charge of Netflix is as compared to cable companies is quite low. They charge near about $ 8 for 2 screens. Even satellite television companies rates are higher when it comes to sharing 2 screens. So, why to go fo them when you have Netflix entertainment app with you.

In addition, Netflix Inc, is also moving to the production line and making programmes and serials of their own. ‘House of Cards’ is the best example of such programmes, which becomes quite popular among the audiences.

Netflix app

Features of Netflix App

Get Access to unlimited Movies and serial online

Just pay a small subscription fee and get access to unlimited movies and your favorite TV serials online. You can watch any of your favorite serial such as ‘Orange is the New Black’, ‘House of Cards’, ‘LukeCage’, ‘Jessica Jones’ and many more. Just pay $8 and you can watch movies and TV serials in 2 screens

With Chromecast, watch movies or serials on your TV

Not happy in watching movies in small screen of your mobile or desktop, just use the Chromecast and watch latest movies and serials in a big Plasma screen. When it comes to cable companies and satellite television companies, you have to pay double in order to play the channels in two screens. However in case of Netflix app, just pay $8 and watch simultaneously in 2 screens.

Watch Anywhere and anytime

Now with Netflix entertainment app, you need to to sit you home to watch movies or serials. Stream any movie or serial, no matter where you are. Whether you are in restaurant, your office, library or walking on road, you can watch any serial or movie.

Catalog of Movies and Serial change frequently

Well, with time to time, the catalog of movies as well as serials get frequently change. So, you will never get bored of watching the same thing. New serials and movies get added frequently on Netflix catalog.

Netflix is available for mobile as well as PC users

The most amazing news about the app is that the app’s mobile version as well as PC version is available in the market. You can run Netflix on PC, Netflix on Mac, Netflix on android device and Netflix on iOS device.



Watching any movie or serial online sometime results in resulting in privacy issue. However when it comes to Netflix app everything is legal. There is no issue of privacy when it comes to streaming programmes with Netflix entertainment app.

Well, Netflix is a good entertainment app, however there are many other movies and serial streaming apps available in the market which act as a strong rival to this app. Amazon instant Video and iTune are giving tough competition to it. In addition they are also providing serials which are not available on Netflix app.

So, in my opinion, in order to survive in this tough competition, Netflix has to keep itself updated with the latest movies ad serials. Then only its popularity remain intact and would be available to survive in the market.

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