Piano Tiles 2 Tips & Tricks for Android, PC & iOS

Today with this article, we have come up with a guide which provides you with Piano Tiles 2 tips. These Tips and tricks helps you in smoothly moving from one level to another. Well, you definitely have heard of Piano Tiles game. Piano Tiles 2 is a sequel to it.

The rules to play are very simple. Enjoy the piano music and at the same time tap on the black tiles. With the pace of the music, you need to move your hand movement over the black tiles. Do no touch white tiles. That all you have to do. Isn’t it simple? Well sounds easy, however you need to practice more and more in order to attain expertise. You can play Piano tiles for PC, Android and iOS

In addition, you can also use  the below given tips in order the pass the levels successfully. So read carefully the tips that are provided in the article further attain the highest score in the score board.

piano tiles 2 tips

Piano Tiles 2 Tips and Tricks

Play the game while turning the Music on

Friends, you can play Piano Tiles 2 android game keeping the music off. As more or less the beats in the music remains consistent throughout. However, I will advice you to keep your music turn on. Take your steps with the sound of music, it help never let you loose your steps and move smoothly.

Be fast while going to Bonus Rounds

When you successfully complete the first phase with three star and move to second phase, there comes bonus round. Well, after completion of a phase with three or more than three stars, you play bonus round. In bonus round you have the chance of earning as more gold coins as you can. Here is the tip. Tap the black tiles using more than one finger or swipe side to side in order to pick the coins of multiple rows.

How to collect coins in endless mode

In endless mode, same song plays but with different steps. All the beats of the songs also increases. At the same time you have the opportunity of collecting the gold coins. All you need to do is tap on the gold tiles. In order to collect gold coins, you can also slide from one slide to another. This will register your swipe only on black tiles.

Go for challenges

This is one of the best Piano Tiles 2 tips. Play as mush challenges as you can. Playing challenges provides you with the opportunity of earning lots gold coins. The tougher the challenge, good chances of collecting huge lot of gold coins. Later on your score will be compared with score of other players worldwide. Higher the score, more exciting rewards you get.

So, friends that’s it with Piano Tiles 2 tips and tricks. Follow Piano tiles 2 tricks, the most effective tips ever, earn lots of gold coin and ultimately get exciting rewards in the end.

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