Secret app allows you to share your secrets with the rest of the world without sharing them with anyone. Now you can share all your secrets with your friends and relatives with Secret app  that you always hesitated in sharing in your normal life. Share your secret love or crush with your loved once whom you could never share in the real life. Share you emotions without any hesitation and fear as your name will never be displayed on the status you shared. You can also send free unlimited text messages for free with your loved once family and relatives. You can also share your brilliant and great ideas with the rest of the world.

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Secret app is an android application which falls in the social app category which makes you to share your life’s secret freely and easily with your friends and dear ones without even letting them know that it has been shared by you. Now you need not to take lots of time to tell the truth about yourself as your secret will be post as by the name of anonymous. Share your emotions without any hesitation, completely in disguised form with your family and loved ones. You can keep connected with your friends, family and loved  … [Continue Reading…]

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Secret App is a messaging app with which you can share with your friends and loved ones whatever good or bad you think or feel about them without letting them know that it has been said by you. Yes!!! This is the most amazing and highlighting feature of Secret App. With this app you can share your feelings as an anonymous person. Isn’t it cray that you can share whatever you feel without worrying …[Continue Reading…]

Secret Features:


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 Be Yourself-

The app provides you a space where you can share number of your secrets with your friends. Just be yourself and share anything for free with the world.

 Write Beautifully-

With this app, you can make your writing’s beautifully by simply adding photos to your articles. You can also swipe photos to simply adjusting photos.

Share Ideas-

With this app you can download your brilliant and great ideas with the world and get to know the reactions of the people.

 Hide Your Identity-

This app allows you to hide your identity with the rest of the world. As this application allow you to hide your profile and identity.


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