Zapya android application has been developed to transfer and share files between android devices, windows devices and iOS devices. Zapya application has no limit in terms of how many files you can transfer in one go. Transfer any file without worrying about the size of the file. With this app, you can transfer files in a very short spam or let me say it this way that Zapya transfer files in just a blink of eye. No matter what is the size of file whether the size is 1GB or 1 KB it will get transferred within seconds. There are many others application that offer similar features like SHAREit app etc. You can easily transfer any photos, videos, movies, notes or any other file or document very easily. Easily share around 64 people at a time without any kind of difficulty. The app is said to be the smartest transferring application for smartphones as well as for computers.

Zapya for PC Laptop Windows 7,8,8.1,10 Download

Zapya for pc

Zapya is an open platform which allows you to share and transfer files from one device to another within the fraction of second. There is no limitation to transfer of files in different types of devices as you can transfer files with Zapya for pc from mobile to mobile, pc to pc or pc to mobile and vice versa in just blink of an eye. The most interesting  … [Continue Reading…]

Download Zapya APK Free

download Zapya apk for android

download Zapya for pc

a local file sharing application that uses wireless networks to connect devices. Simply put, it uploads files from one device and downloads it to the other, as smoothly as the Facebook chat. Not only that, but you can also share Android applications! Provided both devices have…[Continue Reading …]

Zapya Features:

Zapya Feature

 Transfer Files-

With this app you can share as many files as  you want without worrying about the size of the files. You can also transfer files with more than 64 people at a single time.

Wireless Transferring-

The app allow you to share files without the need of any wire or cable or internet connection and still it transfer really faster than any other network.

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